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Developer's Eye For Detail
We designed Rentaro so he would have every move that appeared up to the 6th volume of the original novel, so it was challenging to represent moves that had not yet appeared in the anime or manga. Perhaps you can have fun searching for differences between the two.
Rentaro: 'Izen Kokutei Unlimited Burst', which Rentaro uses in the final showdown against Kagetane Hiruko.
▲Both of Rentaro's Climax Arts are reproductions of combo moves straight from the original novel. The combo Rentaro used in the final battle with Kagetane Hiruko is: Suiten Ippeki no Kamae → XD Handgun → Homura Kasen Santengeki → Unebiko Ryuu → Izen Kokutei Unlimited Burst
Rentaro: Final Strike, a recreation of the move used in the final battle with Tina.
▲The combo used in the final battle with Tina was: Suiten Ippeki no Kamae → Uki Rouchou → Unebiko Ryuu → Inzen Shouka Hanameishi → Hyakusai Mukyuu no Kamae
Novel Summary

Black Bullet (Author: Shiden Kanzaki  |  Illustrator: Saki Ukai)

In the future, humanity has lost the battle against a viral biological agent.
Mankind has been pushed to the brink. With the people lost in despair, Rentaro and Enju fight back in this tale of near-future heroic action!

[Character Introduction] Rentaro Satomi

A Promoter at the Civil Security Corp., he fights the Gastrea parasites along with the Initiator, Enju.
He's crazy about bugs, and is called "Sad Face" by those around him.