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Playable Characters

Developer's Eye For Detail
Yukina has a Potential that allows her to shut down her opponent's Reflect Guard attempts, which is a representation of Sekkarou's ability to nullify magic.
Thanks to Ms. Taneda's amazing work, we were able to fit the long voice line for her battle cry!
▲For her Climax Art "STRIKE THE BLOOD", she had a very long voice line that she had to fit in only a few seconds. Ms. Taneda! You said the line perfectly so many times! We are so sorry we had to keep asking you, "Just a little quicker!" How about you? How fast can you say: "shishi no mikotaru takagami no kennagai ga negai tatematsuru"?
'As of now, this is my battle!' 'No, Senpai, this is our battle!'
▲We really wanted to have the line where Yukina and Kojyo say "As of now, this is my battle!" "No, Senpai...", so we added in a special scene for when you pair the two together.
Novel Summary

STRIKE THE BLOOD (Author: Gakuto Mikumo  |  Illustrator: Manyako)

Kojyo Akatsuki, the mighty Fourth Progenitor and the world's most powerful vampire, just wants to have a normal high school life.
Suddenly, he finds himself being followed by someone tasked with observing him, in this school-based action fantasy.

[Character Introduction] Yukina Himeragi

A Sword Shaman sent from the Lion King organization to observe the Fourth Progenitor.
An underclassman of Kojyo's, she uses a lance called Sekkarou that can destroy even an elder vampire.