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Developer's Eye For Detail
Taiga has a lot of 'object attacks', as we call them.
When we were considering how Taiga would work as a character, we decided that a lot of key scenes involved objects like microphones, sleds, wooden swords, bags, chairs, trashcans, and utility poles. We think they'll really remind people of the original scenes while playing.
'Tiger & Dragon Beatdown' is a comical version of the scene where she attacks the student council president.
▲This is her "Tiger & Dragon Beatdown" move. It's a comical interpretation of the scene where she assaults the student council president.
Rie Kugimiya voices both Taiga and Shana, so they have a special interaction!
▲Taiga and Shana are both voiced by Rie Kugimiya, so there is a special scene in place for that!
They even both have color variations that look similar to each other!
Novel Summary

Toradora! (Author: Yuyuko Takemiya  |  Illustrator: Yasu)

Ryuji Takasu is a high schooler with a tough look to him, so he's always mistaken for a bad kid... even though he really isn't. Enter Taiga Aisaka, a tiny girl with a big attitude, and you've set the stage for a high school romantic comedy!

[Character Introduction] Taiga Aisaka

Although adorable, her rather unpleasant personality has earned her the nickname “Palm-top Tiger". Even though she acts tough, she's actually quite clumsy, and a bit of a crybaby.