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Playable Characters

Developer's Eye For Detail
Miyuki is a beautiful woman whose wiles may charm both men and women.
'Inferno' means 'Ice for me, fire for you.'
▲Miyuki, who is closely associated with ice, has "Inferno" as her Climax Art. We wanted to avoid using fire, so it was originally an ice-wave, but after input from the author, the intent became "Ice for me, fire for you," which really brings out the two different elements of the attack. We think it really evokes the feeling of the original move well.
Novel Summary

The Irregular at Magic High School (Author: Tsutomu Sato  |  Illustrator: Kana Ishida)

It's the year 2095 AD. A brother and sister enter Magic High School, which triggers a destabilizing series of events.
This is a near-future drama of young men and women striving to become magicians!

[Character Introduction] Miyuki Shiba

The younger sister of the Shiba siblings, and the top in her freshman class. She's one of the "Blooms", and her specialty is Cold Magic.
Her one weak point is her rather extreme brother complex.