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Playable Characters

Developer's Eye For Detail
For starters, we felt that Kirito's "Dual Wielding" skill was very iconic, and absolutely had to be in the game. But when we started working on it, it basically doubled the number of frames we had to make, so it was quite an effort!
Extra Skill: 'Dual Wielding' is Kirito's iconic special move.
▲Extra Skill: "Dual Wielding" lets you connect strikes in succession by rapidly pressing the buttons, making it easier to create combos. This is an intentional reference to Kirito's "Skill Connect" skill, an Outside System Skill he had in Alfheim Online.
'Snake Bite', a move that cuts twice in the blink of an eye!
▲"Snake Bite" is said to "cut twice in the breadth of a moment", but onscreen it appears to cut only once. But if you look carefully, you'll note that it counts for two hits, and has two slash trail effects crossing left and right. Proper attention was given to the move's presentation!
Novel Summary

Sword Art Online (Author: Reki Kawahara  |  Illustrator: abec)

It may be a game, but it's not for fun.
A heroic fantasy about the young men and women trapped in the Virtual Reality MMORPG "Sword Art Online".

[Character Introduction] Kirito

A legendary Sword Art Online player known as the "The Black Swordsman". With his duel-wielding sword style, he was the first to clear SAO. Asuna is his girlfriend, and Suguha is his younger sister.