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Developer's Eye For Detail
There's this real tear-jerker scene where Tomoka can only play again because of her teammates on the Keishin Academy basketball team, so we really never intended to make a character that plays basketball all by herself. Instead, we put a lot of effort into the idea that it's a team of five. The special moves are also designed around the characters' nicknames.
Made around the concept that it's a basketball team of five!
▲An example of Keishin Academy basketball teamwork!
The recreation of the pose that the five voice actresses are known for!
▲The "RO-KYU-BU!" Climax Art is actually a recreation of the pose that the voice actresses do together in their live shows, which has now become quite well-known due to the game.
Novel Summary

RO-KYU-BU! (Author: Sagu Aoyama  |  Illustrator: Tinkle)

High school freshman Subaru is forced to stop playing basketball when his team is disbanded due to a scandal centered around the team captain, but before he knows it, he's coaching an elementary school girls' team! He soon finds himself at the mercy of a group of unique kids in this sports comedy!

[Character Introduction] Tomoka Minato

A basketball ace at Keishin Academy. Her mother does traditional dance and her father is a tea master, so her manners are naturally impeccable. But when she starts to play basketball...