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Developer's Eye For Detail
Kuroyukihime's Trump Card "Over Drive" is straight from the original novel, and has a mode-changing effect. "Mode Blue" strengthens her close-range rushing through Flashing. "Mode Red" strengthens her ranged abilities through Piercing. "Mode Green" strengthens her Impact Skill and defense. Each Mode has been implemented just as you would expect for a fighting game.
She has four times more color palettes than the other characters!
▲It actually took a bit of work to get Black Lotus's colors to change, and in order to do so, we had to create 4 times as many character palettes for her!
'My Wings of Silver!'
▲When you use Haruyuki as a support character, Kuroyukihime has a special voiced line. Originally, we had her calling out, "Haruyuki-kun!" But the author, Reki Kawahara asked us to change it to "My Wings of Silver!" (waga gin no tsubasa yo!). There were a couple of proposals like this that led to line changes, but we think that this line for Kuroyukihime is particularly cool.
Novel Summary

Accel World (Author: Reki Kawahara  |  Illustrator: HIMA)

In this new-age tale of youth, Haruyuki is constantly being bullied at school until the popular Kuroyukihime introduces him to a mysterious app called "Brain Burst", and he learns of the "Accelerated World"!

[Character Introduction] Kuroyukihime

The Umezato Jr. High student council V.P. She's nicknamed Kuroyukihime, or "Snow Black", because of her beauty. Her Brain Burst avatar is known as Black Lotus, and she is Legion Master of the Nega Nebulas.