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Developer's Eye For Detail
For Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax, Kirino's fighting concept is that she would be a "Cosplay Fighter".
She's constantly changing her cosplay while fighting!
▲Starting with her standard school uniform, she constantly changes her outfit with every move and is based on outfits that appear in the original novel. But since each character can only have so much data associated with them, it was really hard to decide on which outfits to have! After some very heated arguments and very meticulous calculations, we finally arrived at her current set.
Claw Machine Mutilation is based on real claw machines!
▲Kirino's "Claw Machine Mutilation" Climax Art features a claw machine, called UFO Catchers in Japan, that is based on art assets and sounds obtained from SEGA's own machine R&D group. It's the real deal!
Novel Summary

Oreimo (Author: Tsukasa Fushimi  |  Illustrator: Kanzakihiro)

Kyosuke Kousaka, the older brother, is a high schooler who's content with simple normalcy. Kirino, his sister, is the perfect student--even modeling for magazines. While in the middle of a typical stalemate of sibling rivalry, Kyosuke learns of his sister's somewhat unusual hobby.

[Character Introduction] Kirino Kousaka

An 8th grade overachiever, she's beautiful, smart and athletic... but she has a twisted interest in R-rated video games. She has a cold relationship with her brother, Kyosuke.