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Developer's Eye For Detail
When you talk about Mikoto, the first things to come to mind are her electric attacks and railgun, but at her essence, she is quick to analyze the situation and uses any means available to fight. We took care to recreate her tricky fighting style.
Mikoto Misaka: Use her moves as the situation demands, whether close up or at range!
▲She is a character that becomes more powerful if you use her various moves when they're most appropriate to the situation--whether it's air dashing, her Magnetic Move, or her various Extend Actions.
Mikoto Misaka: “Chaser!”, a reproduction of the original scene.
▲Her Trump Card "Chaser!" recreates the famous scene where she kicks the vending machine. Not only is it a spin kick, but is faithful to the original scene when it connects with the vending machine, producing a can of juice. Look close enough, and you'll see the cans are reproductions of some of the weird concoctions from the original work!
Novel Summary

A Certain Magical Index (Author: Kazuma Kamachi  |  Illustrator: Kiyotaka Haimura)

One day, Touma Kamijo, who holds the power to nullify esper abilities in his right hand, runs into a nun dressed in pure white.
A conflict unfolds in Academy City between magicians and the science-based espers!

[Character Introduction] Mikoto Misaka

A student at Tokiwadai Junior High School, she's an Electromaster who has earned the nickname "Railgun". She's one of only 7 high-powered espers (Level 5) in Academy City.