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Playable Characters

Developer's Eye For Detail!
Shana's "Shinpan" is based on the original work, where it increases her ability to clearly see the situation around her, and gives her foresight, allowing her to detect enemy movement.
Shana: The core nature of her 'Shinpan' move.
▲In order to represent "Shinpan" as a fighting game move, it's built to pause the gameplay for a relatively long time, giving the player time to get a handle on their opponents' current situation. One could say that not only is the move recreated on a visual level, but at its core nature as well.
Shana: Her 'Kessen Ougi' move is a recreation of the combo used in the original work's final scene!
▲"Kessen Ougi" is a recreation of the combination of moves in the final scene of the light novel. In order to give it that similar sense of buildup, it requires additional inputs to sync up with Shana's movements, allowing the player to feel the rising tension of the original move.
Novel Summary

Shakugan no Shana (Author: Yashichiro Takahashi  |  Illustrator: Noizi Ito)

When typical high schooler Yuji Sakai meets a young girl with burning red hair and flaming eyes, an extraordinary story begins to unfold as they fight to the death against the Crimson Denizens.

[Character Introduction] Shana

Flame Haze of Alastor. Her mission is to destroy the Crimson Denizens, who feed on humans. She wields Nietono no Shana and loves melon bread.